In 1990, the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA) created a program known as the Diplomate in New Jersey Local Government Law. The NJILGA, in cooperation with the New Jersey Institute of Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE), sponsors a series of seminars leading to a Diplomate in Local Government Law, which is awarded by the NJILGA. The Diplomate Program is a voluntary educational program that consists of six separate courses. The courses cover a broad area of municipal practice and are taught by attorneys or licensed professionals in their respective disciplines.

The courses are: Legal Aspects of Land Use; Legal Aspects of Municipal Labor Relations; Legal Aspects of Municipal Procedure; Municipal Tort Liability; Public Lands and Buildings Law and Municipal Finances – Raising and Spending Money by Municipalities. The Municipal Finance course is broken up into five subparts, including Financing Capital Improvements With Bonds; The Budget Process; Local Public Contracts Law; Tax Sales, Receiverships and Assignments and Assessment of Real Property.

Each course has 3-4 sessions and provides 12-16 hours of classroom instruction. The total number of course hours required for the Diplomate is 85. Upon completion of the 85 course hours, an individual is awarded the Diplomate in New Jersey Local Government Law by the NJILGA. The Diplomate Certificate expires in five years, at which time if an individual wants to renew the Diplomate Certificate, that individual must submit a certification to the NJILGA that they have completed thirty (30) credits of continuing legal education during that five year period. The Re-Certification Form can be obtained from the NJILGA website.

Further information on the Diplomate courses can be obtained at www.njicle.com.

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