stickel Fred G. Stickel, III Award

The Stickel Award, established by the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys (NJILGA), is given in honor of Fred G. Stickel, III, who was a Past President of NJILGA and General Counsel to the New Jersey State League of Municipalities (NJLM).  Stickel, who died Dec. 10, 1998, was one of New Jersey’s most outstanding local government attorneys. His distinguished service awards are too numerous to mention, including those from various governors and the New Jersey Senate and Assembly. He was secretary of the governor's commission to revise the municipal law in 1959 and served on various government municipal law commissions. He was school board attorney for Cedar Grove for 40 years and attorney for Cedar Grove for 15 years, Roseland for 20 years and Verona for five years.  He also was special attorney for at least 60 other municipalities.

The Stickel Award is given in recognition of excellence in local government law, exemplary service to the legal profession and unselfish assistance rendered to local governments and other local government attorneys.  It is the highest award given by the New Jersey Institute of Local Government Attorneys.  The award is customarily made at the Institute's reception at the November conference of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. 

Prior Recipients of Stickel Award

Recipient Year
Gordon D. Griffin 1999
Michael A. Pane 2000
William J. Kearns, Jr. 2001
Edward J. Buzak 2002
Edwin Schmierer 2003
John L. Kraft 2004
Stuart R. Koenig 2005
Thomas W. Dunn 2006
Robert F. Renaud 2007
Martin T. Durkin 2008
Robert T. Regan 2009
John C. Gillespie 2010
Michael J. Herbert (posthumous) 2011
Kristina P. Hadinger 2012
Carl B. Woodward, III 2013
Trishka Waterbury 2014
Jeffrey R. Surenian 2015
Christopher J. “Jerry” Dasti 2016
Russell R. Huntington 2017
No Award Made 2018
No Award Made  2019
William R. Holzapfel 2020
No Award Made 2021
Richard P. Cushing 2022
Jean Kephart Cipriani 2023