Past President

Norman Heine
 heineNorman Heine, who died on October 15, 1994, was a self-taught lawyer who rose to become a distinguished Superior Court Judge. After passing the bar exam in 1933, he practiced law in the firm of Heine & Heine. Subsequently, he began working as Assistant City Solicitor in Camden, NJ and subsequently Camden City Attorney. In 1958, he was appointed Camden County Prosecutor, distinguishing himself as a trial prosecutor, and also appearing before Appellate Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1966, Mr. Heine was appointed to the Superior Court of New Jersey by then Governor Richard J. Hughes. He relinquished his private practice to accept the appointment, but returned to his offices when ending his judgeship in 1977. In addition to serving as President of the New Jersey Institute of Municipal Attorneys, he was also President of the New Jersey County Prosecutor’s Association.