William Hamilton
William HamiltonWilliam J. Hamilton, Jr. has been City Attorney of New Brunswick, New Jersey since 1986. A native of New Brunswick, Mr. Hamilton attended local schools, received his B.A. Degree from Rutgers University in 1954, a J.D. Degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1960 and a M.A. Degree in History from Monmouth University in 2009. From 1954 to 1958 Mr. Hamilton was on activity duty as a Naval Aviator with the United States Naval Reserve. Following his release from active duty, Mr. Hamilton continued his affiliation with the Naval Reserve and ultimately retired as Captain, United States Naval Reserve. After completing his naval service and law school, he practiced law in Florida from 1960 to 1967, serving as First Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern and later Middle Districts of Florida. In 1967 he returned to practice law in New Brunswick and in 1970 established his own firm. In 1971 he was elected to the New Jersey General Assembly and reelected in 1973 and 1975. In 1976 he served as Majority Leader and in 1977 as Speaker of the General Assembly. From 1978 to 1982 he was a member of the State Senate. In 1976 he was appointed as Township Attorney for the Township of South Brunswick and, thereafter, beginning in 1979, has served as Municipal Attorney for various municipalities and specializing in municipal law.