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visit the Constitutional Law Reporter
NJILGA Trustee Donald Scarinci and Scarinci Hollenbeck have created two valuable online resources:

The Constitutional Law Reporter is a pro bono website, which was officially launched in October 2012. It is an educational tool and a legal resource for students, law schools, and academics who are interested in the United States Constitution, in landmark Constitutional cases, and in the legal analyses of historical and current topics in Constitutional law. Its interactive United States Constitution is unlike anything else on the web. The full text of the Constitution is placed alongside of a plain language translation written by Cathy Travis and reprinted with permission. The creative use of hyperlinks allows the reader to peel back the document in order to reveal its complexities in an easy and rewarding way. The website includes a blog that is updated once a week with articles pertaining to case law or current events.

There is also an external news feed that links to the very best articles from law professors, scholars, and news writers, making the site a valuable destination for people who want to stay current and informed.

In addition to the news feed and the annotated Constitution, the website features an easy-to-navigate listing of U.S. Supreme Court cases, which includes the formal court ruling, the author of the majority opinion, and a separate analysis of the case. The latter provides readers with a succinct overview of the proceedings, as well as the key points of the case and the potential implications of the ruling.

Scarinci Hollenbeck also maintain a blog on Government and Law, which was also created in 2012. The attorneys in the Firm's public practice group regularly update the blog with posts pertaining to the State of New Jersey. These articles detail legal updates, policy changes, new ordnances, and other matters involving local government. Please watch the 2 minute Government and Law Introduction video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8or_p-AzO0#t=97



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